Tripulante 18

Tripulante18 Podcast #184 No one can stop them

Episode #184 of the Tripulante18 Podcast is titled 'No hay quien las pare' ('No one can stop them'). The Dorsia Sailing Team, led by...

Tripulante18 Podcast #182 ‘Off to the 52 Super Series’

The #182 Tripulante18 Podcast we've titled 'Off to the 52 Super Series'. La PalmaVela kicked off the 52 Super Series circuit, and we discuss...

 Tripulante18 Podcast  #181 | The youngest one knocks at the door

The #181 Tripulante18 Podcast is called 'The youngest one knocks at the door'. We discover the youngest member of the Spanish Olympic Sailing Team,...

Tripulante18 Podcast #180  The Canarian Latin Sailing Begins with Suspense

Tripulante18 Podcast #180 is titled 'Canarian Latin Sailing Starts with Suspense.' The start of the Canarian Latin Sailing season was up in the air,...

Tripulante18 Podcast #179 The Saga Continues

In this episode, we dive into the world of two sailors who have sailing in their blood from every angle. We'll explore the sailing...

Tripulante18 #178 | Sofía Superstar

The #178 Tripulante18 Podcast is titled 'Sofía Superstar'. It's a play on words between the regatta name - Sofía Iberostar - and the athletes...

Tripulante18 Podcast #177 Spanish Champions Exit with a Bang

The #177 Tripulante18 Podcast is titled 'Spanish Champions Exiting with a Bang'. We were in Alicante and Mar Menor where we spoke with the...

Tripulante18 Podcast #176 Astrolabe Challenge

The #176 Tripulante18 Podcast is titled 'Astrolabe Challenge'. A group of friends is recreating Columbus's second expedition from the islands of La Gomera and...

Tripulante18 #175 | Chema Benavides In Memoriam

The #175 Tripulante18 Podcast is titled 'Chema Benavides In Memoriam'. We dedicate the program to Chema Benavides, known as 'Velas', who left us a...

Tripulante18 Podcast #174 Diego and Flo Aim for the Medal

The #174 Tripulante 18 Podcast is titled 'Diego and Flo Aim for a Medal'. Diego Botín and Florian Trittel secured another bronze at the...
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