Emirates Team NZ’s CEO Grant Dalton levels on the Cup controversies


Emirates Team New Zealand often controversial CEO Grant Dalton levels with The Platform’s Martin Devlin, in a 30 minute interview that Dalton consented to give, only on the basis that it was broadcast uncut and unedited.

Martin Devlin, like many of the the Kiwi sports media has had his moments with Emirates Team New Zealand, and puts many of the clichéd perceptions to CEO Grant Dalton on the team, its funding past and present, the negotiations with the NZ Government, and when they fell over, the 2024 Venue selection, Jeddah, signing Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, the 2003 America’s Cup loss and plenty more. No-one pulls their punches in this 30 minute session between Devlin in Auckland and Dalton in London.

This is a very raw, honest interview and in the spirit with which it was given, we’re not going to break it up and run extracts to get some cheap clicks.

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