ROSSINAVI BLUE – Official Video


Milano, 11 May 2022 – On the occasion of the upcoming edition of the Milan Design Week, Rossinavi makes its debut at the Superdesign Show presenting a one-of-a-kind installation that will invite visitors to learn about phytoplankton, the inspiration for the company green projects, at the entrance of Superstudio Più. ‘BluE, The Underwater Experience’ will remain on show from 6 to 12 June 2022. The Italian shipyard, globally known for its manufacturing expertise and know-how in building custom made superyachts, will showcase its advanced sustainable innovations through an immersive and interactive installation, in which visitors will be able to experience life underwater.

Rossinavi has recently unveiled a new line of electric catamarans that, thanks to their battery pack and solar panels fully integrated into the design, are able to offer zero-emission navigation while cruising in full-electric mode. The studies on this new generation of yachts are designed to offer an unparalleled experience to the Owner and his guests while surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. In a daily travel scenario, these yachts can cruise in full-electric mode, with zero emissions, up to 100% of the time, while, during a transatlantic crossing, 80% of the time. An artificial intelligence-driven control center monitors energy consumption and battery status, plus observes environmental impact, suggesting eco sustainable behaviors. With “BluE, The Underwater Experience”, Rossinavi invites visitors to experience life underwater and learn all there is to know about phytoplankton. These tiny creatures have inhabited the planet for hundreds of millions of years and have always contributed to its welfare.

Thanks to their ability to release oxygen through photosynthesis, phytoplankton can consume 11 gigatons of CO2 per year. They are small, vital and, sadly, acutely sensitive to climate change. These creatures encapsulate the magnificence of history and the fragile delicacy of life. The philosophy of this new generation of yachts is inspired by phytoplankton, especially its ability to convert sunlight into energy for its survival. At night, the energy stored during the day is released, making the phytoplankton bioluminescent. In fact, this line, is designed to absorb sunlight during daylight hours and convert it into energy, taking advantage of the capabilities of photovoltaics and, indeed, store and exploit clean energy thanks to its advanced technology batteries.

“Green is a vision, an education that drives us to develop sustainable technologies. This gives us the responsibility to provide the means to best enjoy the sea, immerse ourselves in its natural splendor and respect it”, states Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi. The company green philosophy stems from an everlasting love for the sea of which these tiny creatures are a fundamental part, since they are responsible for life on Earth.

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