The Future of the F50 – T-Foil Development


Set to replace the current L-Foils in Season 5, the T-Foils were designed to improve the performance and control of the F50s at high speeds.

The new design eliminates the issue of negative loads damaging the foil structure and reduces loads on the board cases, reducing the amount of maintenance and repair needed.

Constructed from machined titanium and carbon, the T-Foils have thinner sections than the current L-Foils, allowing them to delay the onset of cavitation by around 11 km/h / 6 knots.

When combined with the in-development rudders, the onset of cavitation will be delayed further still, resulting in increased control and higher speeds. The expectation is that the current speed record of 99.94 km/h will be broken by speeds approaching 110 km/h (59 knots).

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